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At Handmade by Nature we offer sustainable products that are mainly handmade, regional and made with love for nature. We want to help small business owners and farmers to make their products available to more people and also to become more competitive through a better internet presence.

If you don't have an online shop, you can hand over this task to us and we will bring your company, your philosophy and your products to the Internet and also directly to the customer. If you already have a website / shop, you can increase your reach and level of awareness with us.

If you are convinced that our customers could also like your high-quality products, then write to us and become a part of Handmade by Nature.



Handmade by Nature offers a commission-based cooperation, whereby we offer the following advantages for the manufacturer:


  • Creation of a sub-website of your company on Handmade by Nature with your philosophy / images and products.
  • Creation of product photos and editing of the images if necessary.
  • The inclusion of your products in our online shop and thereby increase the reach and level of awareness.
  • Accounted storage and shipping of your products directly from our warehouse.
  • The operation and maintenance of the online shop
  • Advertise the shop, as well as your manufactory and products in the web shop and on social media.
  • The processing of the payment and assumption of the transaction costs.
  • And many more points, such as advice on packaging or product development.



Have we made you curious? Then send us an email today to find out more or call us directly.

Handmade by Nature
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