"Wir können den Wind nicht ändern, doch die Segel anders setzen"

Charles Darwin, Arzt, Naturforscher, Philosoph, (1809 - 1882)

Each product is made with elements of nature

  • Every tree must grow for many years. It must take a long time before it becomes usable for us
  •  Nourished by the sun's rays and rain, each vegetable or fruit is cultivated with great care until it is ready to be harvested
  • Then each natural product is refined with great devotion and careful manual work to make it something very special

Therefore, each individual product has its own value, resulting from the previous effort.

Handmade by Nature therefore stands for the awareness of the nature’s diversity and the traditional craftsmanship.

We offer sustainable products that are mainly handmade and regional. We also try to use plastic-free or low-plastic products. Unfortunately, some small manufacturers are not yet able to offer their products plastic-free. Nevertheless, the manufactured products are of the best quality and uniqueness.

We at Handmade by Nature (HbyN) are constantly trying to support our suppliers in adapting their packaging ecologically. We also support the Zero Waste Initiative and try to avoid any unnecessary packaging material.

All packaging materials used at Handmade by Nature are plastic-free and recyclable. Parcel delivery throughout Austria is also exclusively CO2-neutral.

Your Handmade by Nature Team