RoastLov coffee

There are moments in life when a thought grows into an idea and then leads to a chain reaction of decisions. It must have been something similar when RoastLov was founded.

First, the interest in the coffee bean was just a kind of hobby that ended in founding an own small roastery in the Lavanttal.


The owners of RoastLov are enthusiastic coffee drinkers, for whom not only the taste counts, but also how the coffee beans find their way as directly as possible from the cultivation area to the consumers.


Another goal is to obtain the coffee from smaller farmers at a fair price, then roast it under sustainable conditions and pass it on to the consumer with full aroma shortly after the roasting process.

A drum roaster differs from the industrial roasting process in that it roasts the coffee beans at lower temperatures until just after the first or second crack (200-220°C compared to up to 800°C). The advantage is that the entire aroma of the coffee bean can unfold. Of course, this type of gentle roasting takes longer than industrial roasting processes, but the result is much higher quality.

After the roasting process, the coffee is packed in special packaging with integrated aroma valves. This means that the CO2 escaping shortly after roasting can escape without any loss of aroma and, on the other hand, no oxygen can penetrate the packaging. This keeps the product fresh for longer.


The packaging consists of kraft paper without aluminium layer. This protects the environment and its resources since less energy is required.

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In the still young coffee roastery RoastLov in "Lovntol" we import coffee as directly as possible. Then we roast it and pass it on to the customers as soon as possible. In addition, a wide variety of social projects are supported through the purchase of green coffee. This includes, for example, the Bongabee project in Cameroon.