Ingrid Nöst Ceramic 

With passion, a sense of detail and a lot of ambition, Ingrid Nöst creates unique clay and ceramic works of art in her beautiful studio and her workshop in the garden.

Already in her childhood she experimented with blue clay. She completed an apprenticeship as a decorator and years later went to Graz in search of aesthetic traces. She attended seminars at the Ortwein master school for art and design in Graz, such as "Ceramic Design" with Prof. Irmgard Schaumberger.

Ingrid Nöst now works as a freelance artist and teaches creative design with ceramics and clay in her garden workshop in Graz.

Her way of designing is unique.

Through the combination of textiles with ceramics as well as impressively decorative light and shadow effects, her works appear organic and archaic, but at the same time beautiful and fragile.


Each product is unique, made with passion, sensitivity, and attention to detail in hours of manual work.

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Ingrid Nöst  

When experimenting with clay, the following factors are particularly important:

Time - delicacy - transparency - light and shadow - natural materials - careful handling of the material - economy.

All works are manufactured with green electricity and any waste is either carefully checked in advance or avoided altogether if possible.