Make hemp blossom

When it comes to the hemp plant, many people are still very sceptical. At Hempcare, however, they are convinced that the use of hemp will become more and more important. Hemp has been used in many cultures for thousands of years. This gave rise to enormous knowledge about the healing powers of this extraordinary plant. A knowledge that has partly been forgotten.

Hempcare would now like to bring the positive effects of this plant back to life and attaches great importance to quality and sustainability.

Hemp has quality: Each of the products comes with a laboratory report that lists the exact CBD content. Of course, the products are completely free of pesticides and from guaranteed organic Austrian agriculture.

Hemp is sustainable: The current Austrian regulations regarding hemp cultivation do not necessarily meet high quality standards. However, it is extremely important to Hempcare to focus on the highest quality, regionality and sustainability.

Since 2019, Hempcare has been producing CBD-containing hemp in the company's own farm. It sources all third-party products as regionally as possible. Sustainability is ensured above all by a well-thought-out packaging and energy consumption concept.

Hemp can do more: Hempcare not only wants to exploit CBD, but the full potential of the hemp plant.

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"We fully recognize the pioneering role that the CBD business is currently in. We are aware that this is still a controversial social issue, which is why we have dedicated ourselves to one goal in particular: to break down prejudices. We want to transport an image in which cannabis is not seen as a dangerous drug or addictive substance, but as a plant that is useful to humans. Although we are fundamentally committed to the idea of ​​legalization, we are not interested in its use as an intoxicant. We want to bring the plant closer to people who have never had any contact with hemp. Cannabis has something to offer for everyone. You just have to approach it with open eyes and ears."